Preparation for the National Disaster Drill

Preparation for the National Disaster Drill

On December 78th and 9th there will be the National Disaster Drill here in Indonsia. The Red Cross here in Bengkulu will have a variety of activities: a command post (Posco) exercise, an evacuation team, field kitchen and a Medical Action Team (MAT).

Errecting the Tent

Errecting the Tent

As far as planned up to now, I’ll help with the MAT, yesterday we had the first exercise for the Drill and tried to erect the big PMI tent, the colour is much nicer then those we have (they are all olive green).

We had the same problems here as back in Germany: namely we needed much too long to get the tent up and had to relearn the knots to make it stable again.Tent 2

Jerome helped with the Evac Exercise and made the pictures.

In the time we are not helping the Local Chapter we prepare a Powerpoint Presentation and a little GRC Jeopardy which we can play with the students when we go to school and universities. Both have yout red cross groups and I’m looking forward to meet with those.


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