PMI Batam Youth Camp

Today we are on the way to Batam a island south of Singapore that belongs to Indonesia’s Riau proince. PMI will have a youth meeting with youth from all over Indonesia and the neigboring countries Red Cross societies. The theme of the meeting will be: Diversity in culture, one in action

We will be joined by volutneers and youth from: the Cambodian Red Cross Society, Lao Red Cross, Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Myanmar Red Cross Society, The Philippine National Red Cross, Singapore Red Cross, Thai Red Cross Society, Timor Leste Red Cross Society.

Unfortunately no one from Bengkulu will be able to join us, because Bengkulu Red Cross doesn’t have the money, which is very bad.

The meeting will go on until the 26th and then we will travel back to Bengkulu by ship to Pekanbaru and then by bus and car overland to Bengkulu, possibly stopping in Padang and Mukomuko. We have choosen to fly out because we can be sure when we will arrive. On the way back we will try to safe some money by traveling overland, however we cannot estimate what it will cost and when we arrive in Bengkulu, we estimate about it will take abou 2 – 4 days.

Activities at the camp will include, among others: „Let’s be aware of disaster“, Exploration of International Humanity Law, Painting local snail called “Gonggong”, Designing greeting cards and a Green Tour.

Karten: Google Maps.

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  1. wish freaks Says:

    nice pict

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