Singapore Red Cross Ambulances

Singapore Red Cross Ambulances

I went to Singapore to see a friend who does his practical teaching semester here in the German School and to see some of my friends from Singapore Red Cross.

As usually you can find more pictures on my flickr stream.

Singapore Red Cross does run an non-emergency ambulance service and first-aid stations, this are some of their ambulances. Outside their Headquarters in the heart of Singapore.

Singapore Breakfast

Singapore Breakfast

The traditional Singapore Breakfast ist sweet tea with milk, some fresh but not hard boiled egg and some toast with butter and coconut jam. As most food in Singapore its exceptionally good.

Singapore Lawyer

Singapore Lawyer

Bagdhad Street

Bagdhad Street



in the Peranakan Museum

While exploring I walked by one of the courts in Singapore and shot this picture of a young lawyer stralling around, going to his friends.

And only Singapore can offer you a junction of Bagdhad and Kandahr street in its Arab quarter.

Then there was the real culturshock when I went to a shopping center of which Singapore has hundreds or so and saw a German shop.

I went to the Peranakan Museum in Singapore to learn more about this fascinating culture, a mix of Chinese, Malay and British. Traders who lived one part of the year in South-East Asia and the other half in China.

Well its a fascinating place to visit and I hope I can come back.

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