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Tour de Wahlkreis mit und von Gayling

11. März 2011

Gestern war ich auf Tour de Wahlkreis mit dem FDP Kandidaten in Freiburg Ost, Nikolaus von Gayling. So genau habe ich nicht verstanden was nun Wahlkampftechnisch diese Rundfahrt bringen sollte, immerhin wurden in einigen der Schwarzwalddörfer noch ein paar FDP Plakate aufgeängt, Kulturell war es jedoch hoch spannend. (more…)

From Batam via Pekanbaru and Bukittingi to Bengkulu

30. Juni 2010
Hi 5 with PMI National Board Member Munas

Hi5 with PMI National Board Member Munas

Our trip back from the South-East-Asian Youth Red Cross meeting was a four day adventure in itself.

Landslide blocking our trip oh and Germany has won at  soccer

Landslide blocking our trip oh and Germany has won at soccer

We went from Batam near Singapore with a Ferry to the ferry port for Pekanbaru, then took a bad road in an old bus to Pekanbaru itself, there we staid a night in the Ibis hotel, bought a laptop for a friend in Bengkulu, then continued our journey on to Bukittingi by „travel“ a Toyota Kijang we shared with 7 passengers.


PMI Batam Youth Camp

21. Juni 2010

Today we are on the way to Batam a island south of Singapore that belongs to Indonesia’s Riau proince. PMI will have a youth meeting with youth from all over Indonesia and the neigboring countries Red Cross societies. The theme of the meeting will be: Diversity in culture, one in action

We will be joined by volutneers and youth from: the Cambodian Red Cross Society, Lao Red Cross, Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Myanmar Red Cross Society, The Philippine National Red Cross, Singapore Red Cross, Thai Red Cross Society, Timor Leste Red Cross Society. (more…)