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Two week in Upsala on Comparative Education: some thoughts

22. August 2011

I spent the last two weeks on a hugely interesting and stimulating seminar on comparative education in Uppsala, Sweden.

We studied in a very European atmosphere of students from Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Finland (or so), Denmark and Poland. Our lecturers came from Universities in this countries and Cyprus. So we had all the traps and possibilities shown so nicely by the auberge espaniol.

But of course we did study a lot and learn a lot, not only academically but because we had so many different styles of lecturers and so intensive discussions on the subjects with participants with very diverse backgrounds. Some oft hem going for teacher training others for more sophisticated approaches to education or more theoretical ones.

By the way, I blog this from a Swedish Rail X2000 that offers wireless internet free in every first class seat and for a small fee in the second class, on all routes not just on some like German Rail.

Swedish school system

Amongst others we had a very interesting presentation on the Swedish school system by Jessica Lindvert, Mats Wennerholm, Jenny Kallstenius from the Swedish national agency for schools (Skolverket). The agency supervises the school system, does testing and evaluations and provides the national curriculum. (more…)


8. August 2011

Liebe Leute ich bin auf dem weg zur Ersasmus Intensive Program in Upsalla wo wir ein wenig etwas über internatioal vergleichende Bildungsforschung lernen werden (PISA und so) und hoffe ihr alle erfreut euch an diesem Lied:

Themen werden sein:

Module 1: Comparative Education – CE
Module 2: Multiculturality – MC
Module 3: Education for Democratic Citizenship – EDC

und daführ gibt es dann 10 ECTS Punkte und weil es so schön ist bin ich mit dem Zug hingefahren!