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SDS011_liveplot a new way of measuring particle matter with Pi, Windows, Ubuntu and MacOs

23. Juni 2018


Introduction: the story

The phone rang, there was no caller id on the screen. A guy I know from some particle matter projects called me. He told me he had written a nice piece of software with which he could measure particle matter with the Nova SDS 011 sensor. I was a little bit surprised because he had not told me about it earlier. I asked him what he wanted me to do with it. Well, as he was not using E-mail or Github he wants me to promote the code and the programm and to spread it around. I was kind of surprised, but agreed to met him. So we set up a date and I went to his apartement. A very nice place but then he led me to a smoky room with lots of screens, old computers without the cover on them. He also smoked a lot and started talking to me about his programm. He does not want his name to published.

But the software he handed over to me is very well written and extremly well documented in the code.  He gave me a very thorough intrduction into his program written in Ppython 2 which reads out the data from the SDS011 Nova Fitness Sensor, the same used in the project that has over 5000 particle matter sensors around, worldwide.

Up to this point the whole text probably reads like a bad plot device from cheap hacker movie, but the guy is of good intentions and made this programm all by himself, because he wants to know when to open the window to let fresh air into his smoky hacking room.

About the Code

You can connect the sensor either via USB or GPIO and displays the data as a graph and it recordes the date and saves them to a csv file. If you install the the programm on a Pi or any other small computer you can set it up to start autmatically when the Rasperry Pi starts and it will start to measure once there is power. And if you want to save money on a diplay you can acess the Pi via VNC and read out the data on your mobile phone.

You find the 👉entire Code on Gitlab I was urged to use Gitlab and not GitHub, because Microsoft bought them, recently. I also added a wiki with some instructions. I will add to the wiki and hope to make a step by step guido for building your own measurment device.

The code is already very well documented and nicely written. I will try to build a portable device